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Who we are

Kids First Allen (KFA) is a community based group formed to advocate for Allen ISD schools, including advocacy for the 2019 Allen ISD Bond election to be held on May 4, 2019.  Our members represent the diverse community that Allen has become, all of whom are committed to excellence in our schools and providing the resources to achieve that goal.

Our specific goal

KFA wants to inform the Allen ISD community on the past achievements and future plans for the district, and to encourage interest in the upcoming election.  We welcome factual input and civil conversation on the issues that impact the election, with our hope being that information will encourage support, and support will achieve a successful outcome of the election.

What will this election accomplish

The upcoming Allen ISD Bond Election will provide the financial resources to support the construction, renovation, and maintenance needs of the district for the period of 2019-2025.  Specific details on the process which resulted in this bond election, an overview of the scope of the projects, and details on each element of the proposal are included elsewhere on this site.  We encourage you to see just how many programs and facilities will be impacted by this bond package, and how many of our current and future students will be influenced by these projects.


Why Should I Support This Bond Proposition?

The Five Core Elements of This Bond Proposition


1. The Bond Proposition is Community Driven: No one can speak more directly to this than the 24 members of the Project SOAR. They heard every presentation, voiced concerns and asked questions, and invested a huge amount of time and talent in crafting this proposition. They know that this was a transparent process and also know the effort that the District staff put into their presentations.

2. The Bond Proposition is Tax Rate Neutral: The Project SOAR Committee all heard the presentations on demographics and growth in our area and can speak to the concern for financial prudence that the District expressed. The amount of the bond will allow AISD to continue to provide excellence in education to our community while keeping tax rates at, or potentially below, the current rates.

3. The Bond Proposition Provides for Safe and Secure Schools: Not only will there be additional cameras and card readers for virtually every campus, but other technologies will impact safety and security as well. The Bus Rider Safety System is part of the Transportation component of the bond, but also provides accountability for each rider. The reinforcement of glass and door frames, improved radio communications for buses and first responders, and improved cellular coverage in our larger facilities all have a safety and security impact as well.

4. The Bond Proposition Benefits Future-Ready Students: The classroom and the overall learning environment is changing. Technology drives the learning process today, and will certainly be a critical part of tomorrow’s learning environment. Our fantastic teachers and staff need the tools to deliver content the way our students learn today. This proposition addresses the technology and facility needs of our current and future students, and supports the learning environment they will see as they continue their education or enter the workforce.

5. The Bond Proposition Impacts Every Student and Every School: This proposition reaches every school in the District and will impact every student for years to come. The scope of this proposition is intended to make sure that every learner in every school has the best possible opportunity to get a great education in AISD, and that we continue to offer an educational environment that serves our students and community well.

Learn More

We welcome the opportunity to discuss this Bond Proposition with concerned citizens.  If you have specific questions, please ask.  If you have specific concerns, please voice them.  We desire and value your input..

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Kids First Allen Allen Area Patriots Presentation

Testimonials From The Community

Ruth-Ellen Downing Lagos

This bond is necessary to maintain the level of quality education our community has come to expect. It will not raise your taxes. The school board has lowered the tax rate every year for the last 5-6 years. Property taxes are going up for two reasons: property values are increasing, and many legislators in Austin refuse to honor the Texas Constitution and adequately fund public education. Allen ISD has repeatedly won awards for being fiscally prudent. The rise in property taxes has absolutely nothing to do with the ISD. Please support our community, our children, our educators, and our future by voting yes to this bond.

Vatsa Ramanathan

Allen ISD 2019 bond is absolutely a necessity to maintain the fantastic facilities of our school district and to provide a top of the line learning experience for our students.

Justin Preston

This bond will secure the future of AISD as a safe, secure, and well-maintained school district. With the passing of this bond, future generations will get to appreciate the amazing facilities and educational opportunities that Allen ISD offers our community.

Shaunda Wallace Douglas

As an educator and parent, I see the need for the items listed in the bond. This bond will help continue making Allen ISD the amazing district it is today!

Polly Montgomery

I trust and support those who research what is needed to keep AISD on the cutting-edge. We all have a vested interest in keeping our students competitive.

Deron Robinson

I support this transformational effort which will help every child on every campus to develop their potential and maintain quality facilities to keep Allen a premier place to raise a family..

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We Support The AISD 2019 Bond

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