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Post Election Wrap-Up

A few final comments..........

The election is over, the votes have been counted, and our efforts to support Allen Schools were not completely successful.  Voters expressed a variety of concerns over the size of the bond package, not having an opportunity to pick and choose their own preferred projects, and their concern over taxes and tax policy in general.  On the opposition side we heard less concern over the elements of this bond package that will impact educational opportunities for our students, for the most part they too are members of our community that support our students and schools.  On the advocacy side we expressed our pride over the achievements of our students, the opportunities created by a quality education, and the desire to continue those opportunities for future classes.  We have every belief that the dedicated and professional educators and administrators of Allen ISD will revise their plans going forward and will use the resources provided by the Allen community to deliver quality education to our kids.

To the Committee members, both KFA and Project SOAR, that dedicated your time and talents to this important task...you have the appreciation and thanks of a grateful community.  Your efforts were not in vain, they simply have been a part of a larger conversation that is not over. As was said many times when asked if the bond issue did not pass, "come next school year the buses will run, the doors will open, and we will educate our students".  That will not stop, and we will continue as a community to do the best we can to meet the educational needs of our students.

One thing that cannot be argued (though at times it seemed that everything was subject to argument) is that the day after the election we all went back to being part of the same community.  We have to, or rather have chosen to, live in this great community and like it or not we are all in this together.  The people on the other side of this debate are not the enemy, they are your friends and neighbors, the fellow members of your congregation, and the parents of your kids classmates.  This debate is over.

On a final note, there were many loud voices during this election.  The loudest was not the "No" voice, the loudest was not the "Yes" voice, the loudest was the "it's just not important enough" voice.  Fully 89% of the registered voters in our community did not even make the effort to get informed and go to the polls to exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens of this great nation and community.  If you like the outcome, do not take pride in the efforts of others to express your common views, to those who do not agree with the outcome resolve to be a part of the process instead of an observer. And on either side of the debate consider whether you relinquished your right to complain about the outcome while you made everything else a higher priority than your participation.


Kids First Allen

Who we are

Kids First Allen (KFA) is a community based group formed to advocate for Allen ISD schools, including advocacy for the 2019 Allen ISD Bond election to be held on May 4, 2019.  Our members represent the diverse community that Allen has become, all of whom are committed to excellence in our schools and providing the resources to achieve that goal.

Our specific goal

KFA wants to inform the Allen ISD community on the past achievements and future plans for the district, and to encourage interest in the upcoming election.  We welcome factual input and civil conversation on the issues that impact the election, with our hope being that information will encourage support, and support will achieve a successful outcome of the election.

What will this election accomplish

The upcoming Allen ISD Bond Election will provide the financial resources to support the construction, renovation, and maintenance needs of the district for the period of 2019-2025.  Specific details on the process which resulted in this bond election, an overview of the scope of the projects, and details on each element of the proposal are included elsewhere on this site.  We encourage you to see just how many programs and facilities will be impacted by this bond package, and how many of our current and future students will be influenced by these projects.

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