About Kids First Allen

Who we are.....


 Kids First Allen (KFA) is a community based group formed to advocate for Allen ISD schools, including advocacy for the 2019 Allen ISD Bond election to be held on May 4, 2019.  Our members represent the diverse community that Allen has become, all of whom are committed to excellence in our schools and providing the resources to achieve that goal. 

How we work.....


 KFA wants to inform the Allen ISD community on the past achievements and future plans for the district, and to encourage interest in the upcoming election.  We welcome factual input and civil conversation on the issues that impact the election, with our hope being that information will encourage support, and support will achieve a successful outcome of the election. 

Our objective.....


 The upcoming Allen ISD Bond Election will provide the financial resources to support the construction, renovation, and maintenance needs of the district for the period of 2019-2025.  Specific details on the process which resulted in this bond election, an overview of the scope of the projects, and details on each element of the proposal are included elsewhere on this site.  We encourage you to see just how many programs and facilities will be impacted by this bond package, and how many of our current and future students will be influenced by these projects. 

Committee members.....


We want to thank those members of our community who gave so generously of their time and talents to assemble this bond proposal.  Project S.O.A.R. members include:


Sam Abiog, Martha Bahnman, Christine Caplinger, Nina Felt, Neil Fonville

Kim Fowler, Mark Friedman, Theresa Ginsburg, Mary Jane Hamilton, 

Rev. Todd Harris, Chair

Karen McWilliams, Darrel Morrison, Neil Riddick, Tonya Robertson, Sathya Sastry

Bill Savage, Chair

Vikas Sharma, Chris Shaw, Srik Soogoor,

Tim Sublette, Toni Vincent,

Meredith Winningham 

Not all of these committee members are an active part of Kids First Allen, but we believe we all share a common committment to the objectives of Project S.O.A.R. and the 2019 Bond Election

Projects overview.....



 Bond Proposition Details

· Projects and initiatives included in the May 4 bond proposal include: 

New Construction – Allen HS Agricultural Science Center ($11,568,000)

Build a new Agricultural Science Center on Greenville Avenue on land south of Ridgemont Drive to replace the 40-year-old facility in Lucas.

Campus Life Cycle Renovations ($342,412,000)

Allen ISD has sought to upgrade and renovate campuses on a 15 to 17 year cycle. The committee recommended that the district continue that renovation schedule. Campuses that would need renovation between 2020 and 2025 would include: Boon Elementary, Chandler Elementary, Evans Elementary, Olson Elementary and Cheatham Elementary; Curtis and Ereckson Middle Schools; the AHS Athletic facility, additional portions of Allen High School and portions of the AISD Administration Building.Track resurfacing at AHS Track Stadium & Lowery StadiumShade structure and upgrades to AHS tennis facilityShade structures at AHS baseball and softball facilitiesTurf replacement at Eagle Stadium, Lowery & Curtis Stadiums

Transportation ($6,233,000)

Purchase 35 new school buses (phased over a 5-year period)Additional communications (radio), maintenance and safety equipment

Safe and Secure Schools ($2,787,000)

Installation of safety doors, secure window frames, upgrades to building access control systems and security camera systems

Technology ($59,800,000) 

Expansion of the wide area network (WAN)Upgrades to campus and classroom technology to increase accessibility and improve speed and qualityUpgrades to classroom multimedia technologyImplement a mobile device purchase and replacement system to place more mobile devices in the hands of students and teachers 

Detailed project list.....


Please see the page entitled About Project S.O.A.R.  2019 for a detailed project listing with anticipated budget costs for each project.