About Project S.O.A.R. 2019


Project S.O.A.R. Overview

 A citizen's committee called Project SOAR met from October 2018 - January 2019.  The committee studied district facility and program needs in the same way that Allen ISD Project Kids committees worked with previous bond proposals.  They also visited several campuses and requested presentations by finance and demographic experts outside of the school district.  The committee presented a list of recommendations to the Board of Trustees on January 23.  The Board of Trustees reviewed the recommendations at a workshop and regular meeting before calling for the election on February 11.  Meeting minutes and additional information about the Project SOAR Committee are available here 

Prject S.O.A. R. Committee


Sam Abiog

Martha Bahnman

Christine Caplinger

Nina Felt

Neil Fonville

Kim Fowler

Mark Friedman

Theresa Ginsburg

Mary Jane Hamilton

Rev. Todd Harris, Chair

Karen McWilliams

Darrel Morrison

Neil Riddick 

Tonya Robertson

Sathya Sastry

Bill Savage, Chair

Vikas Sharma

Chris Shaw

Srik Soogoor

Tim Sublette

Toni Vincent

Meredith Winningham 

Project S.O.A.R. Charter / Objective


•What this really means is upholding , through re-investment in Facilities & Technology, a commitment to maintaining the level of excellence Allen ISD has established whose hallmarks are: 

• Providing state of the art facilities,

• Ensuring all campuses are equipped and furnished equitably, 

•Giving all students learning tools and environments that continuously prepare them to thrive in this rapidly, ever-changing world. 

•This commitment extends to developing a schedule of maintenance, upgrading for efficiencies, re-purposing and re-designing facilities for optimum operation, safety and security, and meeting changing transportation needs of the district. 

High Level Overview of Projects

    Bond Proposition Details

New Construction ($11,568,000)

Allen HS Agricultural Science Center ($11,568,000)

 Build a new Agricultural Science Center on Greenville Avenue on land south of Ridgemont Drive to replace the 40-year-old facility in Lucas.


Campus Life Cycle Renovations ($342,412,000)

Allen ISD has sought to upgrade and renovate campuses on a 15 to 17 year cycle. The committee recommended that the district continue that renovation schedule. Campuses that would need renovation between 2020 and 2025 would include: Boon Elementary, Chandler Elementary, Evans Elementary, Olson Elementary and Cheatham Elementary; Curtis and Ereckson Middle Schools; the AHS Athletic facility, additional portions of Allen High School and portions of the AISD Administration Building.

Track resurfacing at AHS Track Stadium & Lowery Stadium

Shade structure and upgrades to AHS tennis facility

Shade structures at AHS baseball and softball facilities

Turf replacement at Eagle Stadium, Lowery & Curtis Stadiums


Transportation ($6,233,000)

Purchase 35 new school buses (phased over a 5-year period)

Additional communications (radio), maintenance and safety equipment


Safe and Secure Schools ($2,787,000)

Installation of safety doors, secure window frames, upgrades to building access control systems and security camera systems


Technology ($59,800,000)

Expansion of the wide area network (WAN)

Upgrades to campus and classroom technology to increase accessibility and improve speed and quality

Upgrades to classroom multimedia technology

Implement a mobile device purchase and replacement system to place more mobile devices in the hands of students and teachers

Detailed Project Listing


Build New Agriculture Science   Center                                  $11,568,000


Allen High School Renovations


    G Hall   & Corridor                                                                 $16,170,000


    AHS /   Collin College Area                                                     $2,455,000


    AHS   Athletic Facility                                                           $13,184,000


    H Hall   & Corridor                                                                   $8,738,000


    J Hall   & Corridor                                                                  $23,375,000


    K Hall   Renovation                                                                $18,600,000


Ereckson Middle School Renovation                                      $48,005,000


Curtis Middle School Renovation                                            $47,090,000


Boon Elementary School Renovation                                     $21,985,000


Chandler Elementary School   Renovation                            $23,749,000


Evans Elementary School Renovation                                    $25,170,000


Olson Elementary School Renovation                                    $26,964,000


Cheatham Elementary School   Renovation                           $28,590,000


Renovations Sub-Total                                                           $304,075,000



Lowery Freshman Ctr Weight   Room Facility                          $2,400,000


Ford Middle School Athletic Field   Upgrade                            $3,200,000


Athletic Turf Replacement                                                          $2,360,000


Eagle Stadium Sealant                                                                  $320,000


Athletic Track Resurface                                                               $432,000


Elementary Playground Turf                                                      $3,000,000


Administration Building Renovation                                       $12,497,000


AHS Baseball & Softball Shade   Structures                            $1,080,000


AHS Tennis Complex                                                                  $1,000,000



District Project Sub-Total                                                         $26,289,000



HVAC Replacement &   Efficiencies                                           $1,154,000


Soundproof Classroom Walls                                                     $3,197,000


LED Lighting Efficiencies                                                            $1,723,000


District-wide Concrete Work                                                       $1,771,000


Breezeway Waterproofing at   Renovated Elementaries           $1,785,000


District-wide Electrical Upgrades                                                   $608,000


District-wide Waterproofing                                                         $1,000,000


First Responder Repeaters                                                             $810,000


Maintenance Project Sub-Total                                                  $12,048,000



Door/Window/Frames Resistant Film                                          $1,125,000


Security Camera Additions &   Upgrades                                      $792,000


Access Control System Additions   & Upgrades                          $870,000



Safe & Secure Schools Sub-Total                                                $2,787,000



New School Buses                                                                        $4,612,000


Vehicle Maintenance Equipment                                                     $121,000


Bus Rider Safety Solution                                                               $475,000


Retrofit School Buses with Seat   Belts                                      $1,005,000


Communication Equipment                                                              $20,000



Transportation Sub-Total                                                              $6,233,000



Network Infrastructure - WAN                                                      $1,500,000


Network Infrastructure - Facility   Technologies                      $13,000,000


Life Cycle Management -   Instructional Technologies              $7,000,000


Life Cycle Management - Mobile   Device                                 $30,000,000


Classroom Multimedia/Audio/Visual                                            $8,300,000



Technology Sub-Total                                                                  $59,800,000



BOND PROPOSITION   TOTAL                                                 $422,800,000