2019 Bond Election Basics From AISD


How will the bond proposal affect my school property taxes?

   If approved by voters, the bond proposal would not increase the debt service tax rate. Fiscal planning by the school district and rising property values would allow the debt service tax rate to remain the same or decrease over the next five years. The Allen ISD tax rate has dropped each of the past five years.  (Allen ISD Property Tax Information

Will this be a tax increase if existing home appraisals go up again this year?

   We are not able to determine if an individual's tax bill will increase in 2019-2020. Your school tax rate will not increase and will likely be reduced. A homeowner's tax bill is based on their property appraisal.  The school district has no control over the appraisal process. Those appraisals are based on market value in Allen and Colin County. Indications are that a combination of increased commercial growth in Allen and legislative efforts to address property taxes may slow that appraisal increase but there have been appraisal increases in recent years.

Why is a bond election being called now?


Allen ISD is committed to providing equitable facilities for all students. To reach that goal, campuses undergo renovation every 15-17 years. In recent years, Bolin and Kerr Elementary Schools have been renovated. A majority of funds from this bond proposal are dedicated to renovating campuses that reach that 15-17 year threshold. Those campuses and the years they would be renovated include: Boon (2020); Chandler (2021), Cheatham (2022); Evans (2023) and Olson Elementary School (2024). Ereckson and Curtis Middle Schools would each be renovated over a two-year period. Ford was renovated in 2017. 

How was the list of proposed bond projects created?

   A citizen's committee called Project SOAR met from October 2018 - January 2019.  The committee studied district facility and program needs in the same way that Allen ISD Project Kids committees worked with previous bond proposals.  They also visited several campuses and requested presentations by finance and demographic experts outside of the school district.  The committee presented a list of recommendations to the Board of Trustees on January 23.  The Board of Trustees reviewed the recommendations at a workshop and regular meeting before calling for the election on February 11.  Meeting minutes and additional information about the Project SOAR Committee are available here.